Beef,Pork,Poultry,Bison,Lamb and many other speciality items.

Here at Harvard Meats we offer you a full line of choice beef cuts to choose from. All natural and no hormones or antibiotics and all vegitarian fed!
We can custom cut about anything you desire!

Why Eat Natural Beef
In the world of commerce today, there are more options than ever before. Names and labels bombard shoppers at every location. Consumers everywhere are comparing and contrasting products on a regular basis.

And so you may ask, why choose natural beef?

We’ll tell you.

We use NO added growth hormones and NO antibiotics. We never feed our cattle ANY animal by-products. 

Our cattle are fed a 100% Vegetarian diet. This begins at birth. For a large part of the animals’ lives, they range freely in the rolling grass hills of their family farms here in the Pacific Northwest. At the age of approximately 14 months, our cattle are carefully moved to a spacious feeding facility for finishing. At this point, they are fed a combination of locally grown barley, corn and alfalfa hay. In our experience, this is what lends to the extraordinary flavor of our beef.

Quality: Among our Board of Directors alone, we combine over 100 years of experience that spans generations.  We remember what fresh, high quality, natural beef tastes like, because that’s what we’re used to. That’s what we feed our families. It really is beef “just like Grandpa used to raise!” On top of that, we’re one of the few natural beef companies around who offer select and choice grade programs. You get exactly the quality you ask for.

At Harvard Meats, we appreciate your business. It’s not just business, it’s about relationships. Relationships are built on trust. So we work extra hard to gain and maintain your trust. Give us a call, we’ll give it to you straight.






We also offer you a full line of Beelers Heluka pork products.
We can custom cut it any way you wish.
As with all Beeler pork, HELUKA
® pork is natural, meaning Beeler pigs are raised without any antibiotics or growth promotants whatsoever, and are never fed animal by-products. Their diets consist of all vegetarian ingredients: corn, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals.

The beeler difference

Our Heluka® pork was developed with two things in mind: the welfare of our pigs and the palate of our consumers. To satisfy both, we have developed our own exclusive Heluka® production model and breed. This system ensures that our pigs are raised with compassion, and that your dining experience will be exceptional, consistent, wholesome, and safe for your family.

                   At Beeler's we prefer our own standards,
set by our Heluka® method.

Heluka® Welfare
When the Heluka® method was developed, the welfare of our pigs was not only in mind, it was our TOP priority!
 In fact, this model is so important to us, we feel the farming system we've developed is greater than the product itself. 
Heluka® farms do not use farrowing crates; our sows give birth in their own private, bedded maternity rooms. These rooms have been uniquely designed to allow mamas the freedom to get up and move around at will. Bedding is provided so mamas can nest comfortably with their babies. 

Heluka® farms do not use gestation crates; our sows live together in groups. Our gestation barns have deep-bedded areas where our sows are free to root, graze, and lounge comfortably. The sows have free access to a food and water court and an outdoor play area where they are free to move about, socialize, and exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. 

Heluka® farms allow babies to grow in a comfortable, spacious, and social environment. Once weaned, our baby pigs are taken from their maternity room to another specially designed Heluka® house where they are free to romp, root, run, and play with one another in their deep-bedded and outdoor areas.

Regardless of where the pigs are, they always have lots of sunshine!

Heluka® Genetics
Because pork does not have to be artificially enhanced to taste flavorful, we have developed the Heluka® breed to deliver a good, flavorful taste. Our "Heluka® boar" was developed from an early heritage breed. This particular boar was created based on his genetic ability to produce great tasting, naturally flavorful pork without artificial enhancement.

The heirloom breed of sow on our Heluka® farms was chosen for her notorious ability to act as a good mama. Because we only utilize one specific genetic breed to develop the Heluka® boar and the Heluka® mama, we offer a truly consistent product that tastes the way pork traditionally did before preservatives and artificial flavorings were the norm. 

                   Only Beeler's can






We even have a full line of the freshest poultry products
you will find in Oklahoma.












Organic Seasoning Blends

Enjoy the world’s finest organic seasoning blends made by Mountain Rose Herbs from whole organic spices from around the globe. We offer a complete line of epicurean quality blends which are sure to satisfy the demands of the most discerning chef by adding a full flavor to most any dish with a kiss of organic goodness. The seasoning blends offered by us are completely free from irradiation and sterilizers and are certified organic by OTCO and Kosher certified by OQK.


All Purpose Seasoning Blend  
This all purpose blends has a versatility that allows it to be dispersed amongst most dishes to add zest, flavor and panache.
Contains: Organic herbs, organic spices, organic Black Pepper and organic Red Pepper
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Cajun Spice Blend  

This name says it all! A fiery and savory blend of all spices typically associated with southern cooking. Great for barbeques, seafood, beans and Creole style dishes.
Contains: Organic spices, organic herbs, organic Garlic, organic Onion, organic Chilies and Salt
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Caribbean Blend  

This name says it all! A zesty blend with a piquant flavor which can be applied to most dishes, however it is best suited for Caribbean style entrees. Lively and engaging!
Contains: Organic spices, organic herbs, organic Pepper, and organic Garlic.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Chili Powder Blend  

A real taste of the Southwest is faithfully expressed in this delightfully zesty blend created especially for Mexican and Southwest dishes. This rich and aromatic blend is perfect for tacos, carnitas, tamales, enchiladas and more! Contains: Organic Red Pepper, organic Cumin, Sea Salt, organic Garlic and a blend of organic spices.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Garam Masala Blend  

As prominent as Curry but far deeper in flavor, and typically used in the northern parts of India. As a richer blend, it is recommended to use more sparingly, and is best served in pan fried foods and meats.
Contains: Organic Cardamon, organic Cinnamon, organic Clove, organic Cumin, organic Black Pepper and organic Coriander.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Garlic Pepper Blend  

A ubiquitous and easily adopted spice for nearly every dish you could imagine where a little Salt, Pepper and Garlic are needed.
An economical and salivating alternative to plain salt and pepper.
Contains: Organic herbs, and spices, organic Black Pepper, organic Salt, and organic Garlic.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Italian Seasoning Blend  

A piquant and zesty spice blend for all pastas, meats and salads, and a great way to liven up dishes with a seldom bland taste.
Contains: Organic Basil, organic Oregano and organic Rosemary.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Lemon Pepper Blend  

This piquant and invigorating seasoning blend has just the right zest to add a memorable flavor to poultry and seafood. Our Lemon Pepper seasoning has a well rounded flavor that will not disrupt the taste, color, or texture of your dishes. Contains: Sea salt, organic Lemon Peel, organic Black Pepper, Citric Acid, organic Onion powder, and other spices.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Mediterranean Seasoning Blend  

Mediterranean cooking at its finest! Enjoy the sumptuous aroma of this fine blend so rapturous it makes the mouth water! Great for all Mediterranean style dishes and more!
Contains: Organic Oregano, organic Rosemary, organic Thyme, organic Garlic and organic Fennel.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Mexican Seasoning Blend  

A fiesta for the taste buds! A truly invigorating blend of spices for Mexican dishes including tacos, grilled meats and sauces.
Contains: Organic herbs and spices, organic Onion, organic Garlic, organic Black Pepper, and organic Red Pepper.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.

Sea Salt, Smoked   

A new breed of natural smoked sea salt which we find stimulating to the taste buds and complimentary to North American culinary dishes. This Pacific Sea Salt is slow smoked over real Pacific Alder wood, giving it an authentic and full bodied smoke flavor. This alluring salt is a 100 % natural way to add an authentic smoked flavor that does not leave a lingering "charcoal-like" after taste. Smoked Sea Salt combines traditional Alder wood flavor with the benefits of mineral rich sea salt to create a unique flavor profile to be used within your favorite foods.

Seasoning Salt  

A ubiquitous and easily adopted seasoning for nearly every dish you could imagine where a little Salt, Pepper and zest are needed.
Contains Iodized Salt, Black Pepper, Spices, Onion, Garlic and Paprika.
Available in retail bottle or bulk refill.